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Donald Trump just kicked a baby out of a rally for being a baby

Donald Trump just kicked a baby out of a rally for being a baby

Donald Trump just kicked a baby out of a rally for being a baby

Babies crying. You’ve heard ‘em. You’ve endured the screaming on a packed train; winced at the wailing all the way through a 9-hour flight; silently enjoyed the howling interruption if your best friend’s wedding vows during the objections bit; and fumed at the nonstop bawling ruining a date at that restaurant it took months to get a seat at. Now prepare to feel sorry for them.

Donald J Trump, human meme and actual candidate for the actual Republican Party to become the actual President of the actual United States, has kicked a sobbing child out of one of his rallies.

The poor, sweet, vulnerable child – merely exercising its democratic right to free speech by objecting to one of Trump’s insane rants on how he will fight China – was viciously ejected from the building only seconds after Trump seemingly gave it diplomatic immunity to express its opinion. Sure, Trump could have been kidding - which he seemingly seems to play to after drawing a few laughs, but he then has another about-face, aiming some sarcasm at the mother about the nuisance her baby has caused.

However you look at it, Trump's U-turn on toddlers and obvious anti-tot rhetoric raises all sorts of serious questions for his future policy should he ever get into the White House.

Trump, a man who eats KFC with cutlery and has a haircut sourced straight from the most underfunded props department on children’s television, is now quite possibly months away from access to the free world’s nukes, and with that the power to wipe out all newborns forever.

Have a great day, everyone!