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Donald Trump offered Bill Gates a job and was brutally shut down in just 8 words

We thought Trump was the great negotiator

Donald Trump offered Bill Gates a job and was brutally shut down in just 8 words
Tom Victor
03 May 2018

The Art of The Deal. Donald Trump, Svengali of negotiation. King of persuasion. Traits and claims that have followed the president of the United states through his orange-glow stints on The Apprentice all the way through to the oranger-glow of the presidency of the United States, and no one is as good at bigging up Donald Trump as Donald Trump.

Case in point: that ‘doctor’s letter’ that Trump wrote himself to show he was the healthiest ever presidential candidate.

However, things have not always gone his way, as this interaction with Bill Gates, the most admired man in the world, shows.

In an interview with Stat, Microsoft founder Gates recalled a conversation with the 45th President of the Union in which he was offered a job of sorts.

Gates explained that, during a meeting with Trump in the Oval Office, they spoke about a universal flu vaccine, something which the philanthropist has invested plenty of time and money into trying to uncover.

One thing led to another, and Trump is alleged to have offered Gates the vacant position of White House science advisor, a post which Stat notes has not been filled since Barack Obama’s senior advisor John Holdren stepped down ahead of the current president’s inauguration.

However, Gates’ response was pretty simple and pretty cutting.

“That’s not a good use of my time,” he claims to have said. No maybes, no beating around the bush. Just eight words to shut down the president there and then.

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Gates recently answered the public’s most important questions during a reddit AMA, detailing the great work done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a whole lot more.

He even answered that question on all of your lips. You know the one.

However, while he was happy to comply with reddit’s request, the President had a much tougher time getting him to do what he wanted.

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