Don’t panic but there’s a global avocado shortage and it’s causing a crime wave

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Nick Pope

Prepare for tumbleweed on your Insta-feed.

According to the Metro, the rising popularity of avocados has resulted in a worldwide shortage – and what’s more, it’s also sparked a crime wave across New Zealand.

Local and international demand for the fruit has been blamed for a number of black market heists.

In 2016 alone, there have been nearly 40 large thefts from orchards in the north island, with as many as 350 avocados being swiped at a time.

The official website for New Zealand Avocados (yeah) says that locals bought avocados 5.5 times last season on average, compared with just 4.8 times in 2013-14.

And farmers are struggling to keep up with demand. Before long, the nation – and the world, eventually – will be in Japan’s situation, where you have to sell your kidney in order to afford a watermelon (albeit, an awesome square one).


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