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Dog TV is go

Easthound And Down, anyone?

Dog TV is go

Let's try an experiment. Open up an internet browser, go to YouTube, type in 'dog' and see what happens. Chances are you've stumbled across a canine feast of viral treats about man's best friend. Clearly, there's some sort of obsession going on here.

If you don't believe us, maybe this will change you mind: DogTV.

Launched in San Diego, the channel is an 8-hour block of on-demand, daily cable TV programming designed to keep your dog relaxed, stimulated and exposed to new things, while you're at work. The channel already boasts one million subscribers and although it has started off as a trial, it is set to roll out to the rest of the US.

To get the right footage, cameramen must drop to the park floor. "I shot from the point of view of the dog," said Gilad Neumann, chief executive officer of DogTV.

So, what's going to be on DogTV? For starters there won't be any gunshots, explosions or heavy metal music as that wouldn't have a calming effect (go figure). Colours have also been altered for DogTV too - red and green have been ditched as dogs can't see these.

On the whole, there will be relaxation segments featuring sleeping dogs and nature scenes, accompanied by dog lullabies. The stimulation side of things will include dogs running, playing and surfing, animation and a lot of panting. The idea behind this is to get the dogs moving.

For cat lovers out there, CatTV is also in the works.

(Image: AP)


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