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Dmitry Medvedev's awkward dance

Oops he did it again

Dmitry Medvedev's awkward dance
Danielle de Wolfe
25 November 2011

Heads of state are good at many things. You know, ruining photos, kissing babies, that sort of thing. Turns out they're not so good at dancing.

Hightlighting this flaw rather effortlessly is the excruciating footage (below) of current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev who, despite his best efforts, was forced to dance with a young ballerina on the recent campaign trail.

Clearly, it wasn't something he was comfortable with as he makes a total hash of trying to play pat-a-cake/pattycake (?) with the girl.

According to tabloid Life News, the president had tried to get out of it by saying: "I will not dance, I still have meetings to run." This probably has something to do with the fact that this isn't the first time Medvedev has been caught dancing. Earlier this year he was seen shaking his stuff to Russian hit American Boy.

His shame will be made all the worse as everyone knows Putin wouldn't be seen dead doing it and Yeltsin really rocked it.

(Main image: Rex features)

(Via The Guardian)

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