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Disney is remaking The Lion King and nothing is sacred anymore

The Jungle Book's Jon Favreau will be overseeing the daunting project

Disney is remaking The Lion King and nothing is sacred anymore
28 September 2016

It's no surprise that the film industry is running out of ideas, as the cinematic landscape has been riddled with remakes for years now. But unthinkable news has just been announced, something that we never thought we'd hear in our lifetime: Disney is remaking The Lion King.

That's right, the iconic animators are remaking the Oscar winning 1994 musical that broke hearts around the world, with writer/director/producer Jon Favreau sitting behind the wheel of the massive project.

You might certainly be shocked at the prospect of remaking such a masterpiece, but when you look at the reviews and numbers generated ($965.5 million) from the recent live action remake of The Jungle Book, which was also rejuvenated by Favreau, as well as a live action reboot of Beauty & The Beast starring Emma Watson being released next year, it should have really been expected.


Excited for my next project

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It's been reported that The Lion King reboot will also be live action, so expect similar 3D and high tech imaging Favreau put to such good use in The Jungle Book.

What we do know though is that it will include a lot of the original award winning soundtrack, so expect to hear all the classics like Can You Feel The Love Tonight and Circle Of Life

We'll reiterate what we said up in the headline: nothing is sacred, not least glorious animated films. Though before we go too far in complaining about remakes, we should point out that The Lion King is Disney's own adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. So it's a remake of a remake, so to speak.

There clearly are no new ideas any more, but if you'd like to see some originality in the remake, there's a petition been started to include Harambe in it...