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Disney Plus could be set to launch on Sky Q in the UK

Huge deal between the broadcasting giants is on the cards

Disney Plus could be set to launch on Sky Q in the UK
Marc Chacksfield
27 January 2020

A new report suggests that Sky and Disney are set to partner up and offer Disney Plus through Sky Q.

The deal makes a whole lot of sense for both parties and would see Disney Plus made available through Sky Q - much like the current Netflix integration.

Anyone who has used Netflix through Sky will know that it isn't just an app plonked on to the service but something that is actually part of the Sky Q interface. It would also mean that you would be able to get Disney Plus through the NOW TV stick.

According to The Telegraph, who got the exclusive, the deal is close - and it's likely that Disney Plus will be available through Sky from the 24th March, the day the service actually goes live in the UK.

There is quite a lot of history between Sky and Disney. Sky is the main reason - it is thought - for the Disney Plus taking so long to come to the UK.

In short Disney had to wait for a number of licensing contracts to run out before it could launch its service - Sky currently has a lot of Disney content available to watch on its myriad movie channels and the like.

This delay has meant that the US and other countries have had Disney Plus for a number of months - in fact the whole series of The Mandalorian has already aired and the new Clone Wars will begin before Disney Plus' UK launch. Not that we are bitter or anything.

The good news is that it is cheap, with Disney revealing that it will cost just £5.99 for the service, or £59.99 for an annual subscription.