Did a ghost just push a newscaster’s glass on Honduran TV?


Ghost sightings often make the news - just never quite like this...

Captured on camera during a live broadcast of Honduran show Primera Ediciion (First Edition) earlier this week, one news anchor named Carlos Molina saw his glass of water move across the table of its own accord.

He wasn't alone. Seconds after the incident occurred, and Molina interrupted his colleague Pablo Zapata to ask if he saw it move too, viewers had already witnessed it for themselves.

Not even the words “don’t worry” from his fellow pro were not enough to calm Molina down, insisting that something was amiss: the table wasn’t uneven, there was no slope and not a drop had been spilled, he said. Even crew members later came out to say they hand no hand in the incident and that it wasn't some tawdry prank.

We're not sure how relevant this is but according to one source ShortList spoke to, there was a young child who died in a fire on the same spot 40 years ago, apparently calling out for a glass of water with his last breath - but, as we say, it's just speculation.

And you thought the scariest thing to come out of Honduras was a bone-crunching tackle from Wilson Palacios…

[Via: The Mirror]