Deputy Labour Party leader Tom Watson does solidarity dab for Corbyn at PMQs


Welcome to 2017. 

Deputy Labour Party leader Tom Watson – a guy who looks a bit like Sam Allardyce’s more respectable brother – today dabbed in solidarity with under-fire Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in Prime Minister’s Questions. 

A dab. An actual dab. 

No really, he's dabbing.

I can't believe this geezer is actually dabbing in a 1001-year-old castle.

Supporting Corbyn's rousing attack on Theresa May about the Tory's NHS plans – and how, contrary to Leave’s pre-vote campaign, the NHS will likely be more doubly-fucked once Brexit happens – to which the PM had no sufficient answer, Watson dipped his head, raised his arms and drove a final nail into the dab’s already-pretty-dirty coffin.

That's a confirmed, "inadvertent" dab from the second most powerful man at the second most powerful political party in the country.

Watch the full video below: