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Here’s your first look at Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on the set of ‘The Irishman’

We can't wait for this film

Here’s your first look at Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on the set of ‘The Irishman’
Tom Victor
22 December 2017

The sight of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on screen together has long been a holy grail for film fans.

Two men largely considered to be among the best actors of their generation, De Niro and Pacino were both cast members in The Godfather Part II, but were never on screen together.

They finally shared a scene in Heat in 1995, but their direct interactions – while brilliant and memorable – were low-key when viewed in terms of the more action-heavy scenes elsewhere in the film.

But now they’re preparing for a big-ticket partnership (yes, we’re ignoring Righteous Kill) in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming release The Irishman.

That scene from ‘Heat’

The film has been picked up by Netflix, with a planned release date of 2019, and De Niro fans will hope it marks a return to form for a man whose recent output has tailed off at times.

In addition to De Niro and Pacino, The Irishman is due to star Scorsese mainstay Joe Pesci, plus big names Harvey Keitel and Stephen Graham.

And some of the cast members have been seen on set as the first stages of filming get underway.

While there are plenty of intriguing elements to the film, number one on most people’s lists is the prospect of seeing De Niro and Pacino together again, so its no surprise so many picked up on this photo of the pair on location.

The 2019 release date is a tentative one at present, with a lot of work required before it is ready to be unveiled to the world.

Still, the film is a big draw for Netflix as the streaming service looks to debut more original content in the coming years.

With various Disney and Fox productions expected to leave Netflix that same year, The Irishman will surely play a big part when it comes to bridging the gap.

(Images: Rex)