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Darth Trump is the funniest Star Wars mashup you will ever see

We dare you not to laugh

Darth Trump is the funniest Star Wars mashup you will ever see
09 December 2015

One is a megalomaniac intent on decimating entire races and the other’s a fictional villain from a popular sci-fi franchise.

Yes you guessed it: Donald Trump and Darth Vader – two blowhards whose only real difference is how they cover their baldness, and who now find themselves colliding for one of the best mashups we've ever seen.

Edited by Auralnauts, Darth Trump uses footage of Vader from the original saga and replaces his dialogue with that of the current Republican nominee to terrific effect.

Whether it’s delivering fearmongering quotes (“I love war in a certain way, but only when we win,”) before dramatically trooping off to The Imperial March, telling Luke he’s not who he thinks (“I tried to stab a friend of mine whose friend is Bob”), or boasting to Death Star commanders about his “great financials”, it highlights just how ludicrous it is that this man stands an actual chance of getting into the White House.

And if any Mexicans are watching - well - they might just find some common ground with the former residents of Alderaan.