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Working to new heights

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Working to new heights

If you’ve ever worked in an office cubicle then you know it’s the closest you’ll get to hell on earth. Other than the fact you’re always guaranteed a battle with your colleagues over who gets the biggest cubicle, there’s literally not enough space to swing a stapler.

So spare a thought for these plucky Chinese workers who are currently building a plank road thousands of metres high up on the ridges of the Shifou Mountain to create China’s longest sightseeing footpath, which will eventually reach 3km.

Not only do these men work with hardly any safety measures they have to do the job on a piece of wood only 1m wide. Their job is made even harder by the fact that the Shifou Mountain cliff stands vertical at 90 degrees, without any slope or alcoves.

Bet that cubicle is looking pretty good right now.

(Images: Rex Features)