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Danny Dyer's advice on fatherhood is utterly brilliant

Being a dad is a mug’s game

Danny Dyer's advice on fatherhood is utterly brilliant
13 February 2017

When Danny Dyer isn’t careering around London, swaying from side to side with his feet at least half a metre in front of his head, he’s looking after his kids, don’t you know? Many people don’t know that he’s the proud father to three lovely children: Arty, 2 ½; Sunnie, 9 and Dani (amazing), 19.

Danny was recently interviewed for new Channel 4 show Parenting For Idiots and he had a few choice nuggets of wisdom concerning being a dad. As we’ve come to expect from the man, it’s wildly brilliant:

Then again, it must be easy being a dad when you’ve got this sort of entertainment for the kids. He also has a point over the dilemmas of trying to think of seven types of magnets for his child’s homework. We’ve had a go ourselves.

  1. Fridge magnets
  2. Electromagnets
  3. Magnet, the kitchen shop
  4. Magnet Insurance
  5. Erm, animal magnet-ism
  6. Business magnate?
  7. We’re thinking.

Look, we haven’t got time for this, Parenting For Idiots is on Channel 4 this Thursday at 10pm, and you can catch the previous episodes on demand here.