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The Daily Mail have finally, truly lost the plot with their latest front page

We should ban Google apparently

The Daily Mail have finally, truly lost the plot with their latest front page
24 March 2017

The Daily Mail: the last bastion of middle class conservatism. The paper of Brexit, enemies of the people, Liz Jones, Richard Littlejohn, you couldn’t make it up, health and safety, political correctness gone mad, traditional moral values (with a website that ignores all of them), headlines WITH random CAPITALISED words for EMPHASIS, blue passports, immigrants, Diana, EU gravy trains, 32 page picture pullouts about the royals and a general feeling that this country is going to the dogs and things were much better in the old days.

As its editor Paul Dacre (a man so fond of the word c**t that his morning meetings are allegedly referred to as ‘The Vagina Monologues’) gets older, it seems he’s getting even more terrified about the modern world, so much so that he appears to have completely lost the plot with the latest Daily Mail front page, run in the wake of the London terrorist attack.

Just look at the state of this:

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. According to the Daily Mail it’s all Google’s fault.

People on Twitter were not slow to voice their opinion on it, and point out some, ahem, ever-so-slight flaws in this ‘revelation’:

Still, at least their readers agreed with the, surely-unarguably nice idea to hold a vigil in Trafalgar Square for the victims of the attack?


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