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Criminal Accidentally Confesses on Facebook

Criminal Accidentally Confesses on Facebook

Criminal Accidentally Confesses on Facebook
05 June 2012

We've all put things up on Facebook that we regret later. A dig at an ex, an argument about football, a declaration of support for Edward over Jacob (come on, he's way more handsome). But Michael Ruse really didn't think before he clicked, and inadvertently confessed to a crime he was on trial for - before the jury had decided whether to convict him.

Ruse, 21, was on trial for ABC at Portsmouth Crown Court accused, with his friend Terry Reeve, of attacking Reeve's father with a baseball bat and baton, leaving him with a cut to the head and bruises across his body.

Evidentally confident of escaping conviction, he went on Facebook under the pseudonym Michael Miles to declare, 'Yeah I think I get away with it tbh x (sic)', adding that the case was 'looking good' for him. An anonymous whistle-blower printed off the comments and delivered them to the court, where they were handed over to the prosecution. Ruse then, unsurprisingly, changed his plea to guilty, with even his own defence, Russell Pyne, delivering the withering verdict that, "He needs help with regards to thinking skills.'

A further Facebook fail was still to be delivered, when Ruse returned to the site to insult the Judge, Ian Pearson, labelling him 'stuck up'.

Despite all this, he somehow managed to avoid prison, with Pearson evidently not taking too much offence, sentencing him to a 46-week suspended prison sentence and an evening curfew, which Ruse has already been complaining about - on Facebook.

Someone please confiscate his computer, for his own good. Who knows what'll happen if he ever gets on Twitter...

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