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Council In Lightbulb Change Shocker

That joke isn't funny anymore

Council In Lightbulb Change Shocker
23 October 2011

It’s a classic comedic staple: the good old light bulb joke. Our favourite one, since you don’t ask, relates to how many fashion designers are needed to change the dreaded bulb (none – they just mount an expensive advertising campaign proclaiming that this year dark is in).

For the hapless employees of Gloucerstershire county council, however, changing one light bulb in a street lamp was no laughing matter – it took 12 visits before the lamp was working again!

Jack Doran reported the broken street lamp near his house to his local council, but was amazed at the number of people who tried – and failed – to fix the problem. According to a bemused Doran, it took six weeks and numerous visits, including ones by the police and the parks department (to cut back a hedge).

The council explained: “We appreciate this repair has taken longer than usual. However, it wasn’t straightforward and needed several visits to ensure we sorted it out properly.”

Good to know your council tax is being used efficiently, eh?

(Images: Rex)