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10 iconic comic book characters on screen then and now

From humble early days to their current CGI'd hugeness

10 iconic comic book characters on screen then and now

When you want to know about ageing badly, you go to Mickey Rourke. When it comes to ageing brilliantly, you go to cinematic characters from the DC and Marvel universe.

But to admire them in all their shiny CGI, spandex glory now, we also have to remind ourselves of how decidedly low-maintenance they used to look. So feast your eyes on the images below, pairing vintage stills with their modern, and, let's face it, more intimidating up-to-date versions.

A fascinating look at just how far these fictional icons have come in such a short space of time, we should also warn you that those recent brooding blockbusters are about to seem very silly.

Spidey senses cringing.

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The Hulk

The Joker


Iron Man


Dr Strange