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The Cocktail Mixing Robot

The Cocktail Mixing Robot

The Cocktail Mixing Robot

We all want to be Tom Cruise, but maybe we just have to admit that we are not as good as a robot.

This incredible device, the (wait for it) Barobot, is currently in the funding stage of a Kickstarter campaign and is, essentially, a perfect cocktail-making robot.

It holds up to 12 bottles and features over 1000 cocktail recipes - or you can program your own. There's a touchscreen to give your order, or you can use a smartphone app. You'll be able to buy as a self-assembly, or a 'plug and pour' version and, if that wasn't enough, it's got 100 LEDs on it, just so it looks nice. It promises perfectly-mixed cocktails, every time.

The basic model starts at £774 and for £3,499 you can even get your own one-off, customised, version.

Check out the video and images below and see if you need a Barobot in your pad.

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