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One of the new 'Men in Black' might be Thor-shaped

From Asgard to the MiB

One of the new 'Men in Black' might be Thor-shaped
01 March 2018

The Men in Black sequel/reboot might have just got one if its stars in the ever-so-muscular form of Chris Hemsworth.

That’s… a really good shout. He’s got the same universal appeal as former man in black Will Smith, that combination of good looks, effortless charisma and precision comic timing - he’s hilarious in Thor: Ragnarok, and that kind of upbeat fish-out-of-water vibe would work perfectly for this. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the dynamic this time will be “[a] white male, a female of color and an older man” (what colour skin does the older man have, Hollywood Reporter? Why specify the other two?).

With F. Gary Gray (of Fate of the Furious) set to direct, and set in the same world as the original Men in Black trilogy without being a direct sequel to them (kind of like Jurassic World following the Jurassic Park films), it’s all taking shape and should be a big old laugh, although with a set release date of 14 June 2019, there’s a lot to sort out in a year and a quarter considering how effects-heavy it’s likely to be. Did nobody learn anything from The Mummy Returns back in 2001? If you rush special effects they look like full ass.

The original duo

A fun thing to mention every time Chris Hemsworth comes up is that a few years ago, his cousin Rob was on an Australian cooking show called My Kitchen Rules, and Chris Hemsworth’s cousin looks exactly like you’d expect Chris Hemsworth’s cousin to look.

There’s definitely a family resemblance there - Rob looks like what you’d get if you ordered a Chris Hemsworth from a third-party supplier on Amazon.

(Image: Marvel)