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Choose the pig you want to eat

That pig'll do

Choose the pig you want to eat

Most meat-eaters choose not to think too much about the hows and whys of the dead animal on their plate.

Which would surely enrage the already enraged vegans reading this, but it's true. The more we start thinking about the personality of the beast, the less appetite we then have.

A new German website is aiming to turn this right around, giving carnivores the chance to choose which pig they want turned into sausages. There's currently an X Factor style vote going on right here, showcasing walking pork products at a free-range farm near Berlin.

It's been disturbingly successful with two pigs that are already "sold out".

"I think man has lost touch with his food," said Dennis Buchman, the creator of the strange idea. "People eat a sausage like a carrot; without any thought about what goes into it."

Buchman also wants meat-eaters to come to the farm to meet the pigs right before a hog-roast.

Right, we'll be having salad for lunch then. Hold the bacon bits.

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