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Chart of 100 famous film quotes

Chart of 100 famous film quotes

Chart of 100 famous film quotes
16 January 2014

There was a time when we attempted to prove our obsession with film by punctuating conversations with random quotes. It was tedious, but at least it prevented us from forming any friendships with lesser types who didn't know their Taxi Driver from their Scarface.

Such childish behaviour could explain why we're so taken by Nathan Yau's movie quote chart.

When the American Film Institute marked their 100th birthday with a release of the '100 most memorable quotes from American cinema', Yau duly set about illustrating them. He got as far as number eight before life got in the way with shiny distractions. Now, several years on, Yau has finally finished all 100 quotes in minimal cryptic designs.

Best silence your inbox for the next hour and prepare to shout random lines at your screen.

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(Images: Nathan Yau)

(Via: Gizmodo)