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This guy's hilarious advert for 'the world's most boring car' is going viral

"This isn't the car you want, it's the car you deserve"

This guy's hilarious advert for 'the world's most boring car' is going viral
26 April 2018

Ever had to sell a car? Ever had to sell a really boring car? Hard work, it turns out - difficult to get people excited about the run-of-the-mill, isn’t it? 

A resounding yes, is the answer, unless you’re a dab-hand at crafting the perfect advert, in which case it’s pretty easy. If you’ve got the required set of skills, you can make sure your common-or-garden rust-bucket reaches an audience even bigger than the fancy sports wagons and the like.

One man who possessed these skills is the nameless poster of a Craigslist ad for his 1999 Toyota Corolla. We know of his skillset, for this is the glorious advert he produced:

That’ll get their attention, won’t it? Really boring car, really not advert - it’s the secret to success. 

However, we have one small issue. You think a Toyoto Corolla is boring but reliable? You haven’t reckoned with the absolute daddy of the estate car world, the Volvo V70

Rumour has it that when nuclear war takes us all out, they will be the only thing left standing, alongside the cockroaches, who will probably learn to drive them and enjoy their reliability and top quality safety record.

(Image: Getty/@btredwing98)