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Candlelit tribute to Whitney ends in disaster

Like a precariously placed candle in the wind

Candlelit tribute to Whitney ends in disaster

With over 170 million records sold, there were clearly going to be a whole load of tributes around the world for Whitney Houston. Looks like some have been a little bit more successful than others.

A family in Oldham, near Manchester, decided to do go down the classic "she can probably see candles from heaven" route and lit one for the tragic singer.

But the mother and son forgot one important step in the process: candles have to be put out at some point. After going to sleep, the Whitney tribute proceeded to set the house on fire. Luckily, a smoke alarm woke them and they escaped unhurt.

Their living room wasn't so lucky though. We're hoping it was just a standard supermarket tealight and not one of the $65 candles that Houston's sister-in-law has been pushing since her death...

(Image: Rex Features)

[via Manchester Evening News]