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Can of Pepsi Costs $760,000

You must be Coke-ing

Can of Pepsi Costs $760,000

Brazilian football star Ronaldinho has been spotted enjoying a delicious can of Pepsi at a press conference. Nothing unusual about that; unless you happen to be a brand ambassador for its arch-rival Coca-Cola.

When the fizzy drink giant's chiefs in Atlanta saw the evidence of brand disloyalty, they immediately ended his endorsement deal, worth £500,000 a year, saying that "the sponsorship had become embarrassing".

In Ronaldinho's defence, it seems the cans were placed in front of him; however, he could probably have waited a few minutes to have a sip from one and he'd have saved himself a few quid. Perhaps he was simply confused; it was only a few years ago that he appeared in a Pepsi advert. Footballers have a lot to remember don't they?

The reports in O Estado de Sao Paulo cap a miserable few years for the Brazilian legend, who has struggled in his much-feted return to his homeland and recently moved from Flamengo to Atletico Mineiro.

Ronaldinho follows in the illustrious footsteps of Britney Spears, who was sacked from her deal with Pepsi after giving in to the lure of a nice can of Coke.

As USA Today brilliantly puts it: "For current and future Coca-Cola spokespersons, here are some best practices for endorsing Coke. 1) Drink it. 2) Don't drink Pepsi."