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Buzz Aldrin has passed a cutting-edge lie detector test over claims he saw an alien

'I told you they were real! I TOLD YOU!'

Buzz Aldrin has passed a cutting-edge lie detector test over claims he saw an alien
09 April 2018

I’ve always known aliens were real, but nobody listened to me - people seem to find it difficult to take me seriously when I’m wearing a tin foil hat. Either way, at least someone with a bit of respect has spoken out publicly about his encounter with an alien - now maybe the world will listen, now maybe my hat won’t look so stupid.

Yep, Buzz Aldrin - that man what went on the moon - has claimed that he saw an alien way back in 1969, and he’s confirmed his belief by passing a lie detector test. Aldrin and three other astronauts on the same mission (Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper), testified that they also saw one of those Got daym critters up in the expanse, and it seems they were telling the truth.

This man knows…

The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Ohio, US carried out extensive, complicated (and probably expensive) voice pattern analysis of the astronauts’ claims in interviews, and deduced that they were “completely convinced” that they saw an alien.

The specific technology used is supposedly top secret, but is said to provide more reliable results than current lie detector tests and may even make its way to become the standard method used by the FBI and the police.

Aldrin’s original statement claimed that “There was something out there that was close enough to be observed, sort of L-shaped.”

Of course, the astronauts may not have seen an actual alien, they just think they saw one. What they probably saw was a UFO. They’re not the same thing - what they saw was just unidentified (and weird), but it could have had a simple explanation. Obviously, I’m of the staunch belief that it was an extraterrestrial though. An evil one. That is on its way to earth. To kill us.


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