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Bushy brows

Avoid the Doc Brown look

Bushy brows
07 November 2011

Q: I want to know if there is a gadget out there that can cut my eyebrows and thin them as I'm fed up plucking them or cutting them.


A: Our expert Ahmed Zambarakji answers your questions below:

Hi Edward,

Yup, there are mini trimmers out there that are designed especially for bushy brows. They normally have a comb with two length settings and they’re pretty easy to use. A word of warning though, always start on the longer setting before you start shaving – grooming your eyebrows can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on the rest of your face, so go about the job with caution.

Wahl make a handy Micro Finisher Personal Trimmer (£11.49 from which will do the trick. BaByliss, on the other hand, have managed to put together a multipurpose 6-in-1 Personal Grooming Kit (£15.99 from, that you can use to tackle ear and nose hair too.

You can also use something like Givenchy Mister Eyebrow Fixing Pencil (£15 from to smooth down your brows if they’re growing in all directions. Don’t worry, it’s completely transparent and just holds the hairs in place like a normal hair styling product.

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