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Burglars hand themselves in after feeling guilty when someone else is blamed

Honour among thieves

Burglars hand themselves in after feeling guilty when someone else is blamed

We all need the occasional feelgood story to get us through the day: a great act of sportsmanship, film executives who congratulate the people that beat their recordspeople who totally won at being football fans - and now we have another from a rather unlikely source.

Two burglars in Blackpool have handed themselves in after being struck with guilt when someone else was blamed for their crimes.

Blackpool Magistrates Court heard that Stephen Monaghan and Michael Dehal together stole £60,000 of hair and beauty products from a salon in Poulton-le-Fylde, but escaped without being caught.

However, upon hearing that an innocent party had been blamed for their actions, they felt remorse (or was it mousse?) and promptly headed down to the police station to admit their guilt, clearing the other person in the process.

Their lawyer said "The defendants went to the police voluntarily and confessed, after hearing someone had been sent for trial over this matter. It was a case of honour among thieves."

They will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on 27 January where, presumably, their unforced admission will be taken into account.

At the very least, they get a pat on the back from all of us at ShortList Towers. Well done, chaps. Don't do it again.

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