British Spies Stop Terror Plot to Take Down Passenger Jet


Unless you're James Bond, it's actually probably a pretty rubbish life being a spy.

Oh, don't get us wrong, the actual spying bit - using cool gadgets, travelling the world, saving lives and being suave - must be great, it's just that you can't really tell anyone what you've been up to. Glory? You don't really get much of that in reality.

But we should be thankful, nonetheless, for the work they do, as it was revealed that a plot to bring down a British passenger jet was recently foiled by surveillance experts.

Home Secretary Theresa May revealed that senior intelligence officers stepped in after spotting a link between a top-ranking al-Qaeda official overseas and a British-based Bangladeshi contact, according to the Sun on Sunday. The suspect was due to board a plane at a UK airport, but was stopped before he could get on. A source said: "There is no doubt his intention was to create a major atrocity."

Security chiefs won't reveal whether the plan was to hijack, crash or blow up the aircraft, and they won't reveal the eagle-eyed spotters who prevented the disaster from occurring.

See? No glory. Well, thanks from us anyway guys.

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