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This man’s 'classic British' dinner is confusing and upsetting the world

Can anyone help us, what is this?

This man’s 'classic British' dinner is confusing and upsetting the world
Tom Victor
01 August 2017

We all had staple foods we ate as children, and your personal preference can act as a guide to what your life was like growing up.

There are those of us who looked forward to turkey dinosaurs every week, while others couldn’t go more than a few days without that potato waffle fix.

Other favourites from the ShortList office include cheesy beans on toast, Billy Bear ham sandwiches, pizza with chips, or bangers and mash served Beano-style.

Bangers and mash, Beano style

Of course, not everyone had the same childhood experience, and we shouldn’t judge people for things that were – by and large – out of their control.

But this, though? It’s probably alright to judge them for this.

In the three days since the meal above surfaced online, we have been scratching our heads trying to work out what it is.

Potatoes and paint, perhaps?

Brain remnants?

Maybe they squeezed a beloved family pet over a slice of bread and served up what came out?

At the time of writing, more than 200 people have replied to the photo on Twitter. The real foodstuff that it resembles most closely is a very sad corned beef hash, but there have been plenty of other suggestions.

In Matt’s defence, ‘made a hash for dinner’ and ‘made a hash of dinner’ do sound pretty similar.

(Main image: Twitter/BiebsILoveU)