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Could you pass the British citizenship test?

You need 75% to pass

Could you pass the British citizenship test?
There are a bunch of requirements for those wanting to become permanent residents of the UK – lots of hoops to jump through. One such hoop is the Life in the UK test, an exam used to determine how well applicants know the UK. 

Including history, customs, traditions, politics, geography and law, applicants need to get 75% to pass the test. The thing is, a lot of the questions are things that a lot of people who were born and bred in this country wouldn’t know.

The test is quite outdated, and requires a lot of knowledge that has zero use in everyday life in Britain, but that’s the way the rich tea biscuit crumbles, apparently.

Could you pass the test if it was sprung on you today? Find out how you’d do with our quiz, containing real questions.

(Image: Chris Lawton)