Britain First members are now practising knife fighting at training camps


In Can You Not news, it appears that Britain First members are now taking part in knife fighting courses at activist training camps. 

A video has emerged showing members of the far-right group practising knife skills with rulers - yes, rulers - and swearing an oath over the Union Jack. 

The footage was filmed in Snowdonia, Llanberis, where Britain First hosted their first self-proclaimed 'activist training camp'. Their website boasts plans for 'many more of these training events in the future'.

“Knives are prevalent in our society. We never want trouble but we refuse to leave our activists exposed,” the group wrote about the video.

A local councillor, Trevor Edwards, confronted the "activists" and told them to stay away from the region. 

“We do not want them here. I don’t want them here," he said. 

“I am certainly not comfortable with having these sorts of people in Llanberis.”

Here's an idea: BFrexit. Like Brexit, but we kick Britain First out forevermore. 

[Via: YouTube]