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Brilliant Rock & Roll Zoo Poster

Brilliant Rock & Roll Zoo Poster

Brilliant Rock & Roll Zoo Poster
16 October 2014

Rock stars are often accused of acting like animals, but sometime they sing about them too.

This brilliant poster, created by illustrator Tracy Worrall, features 77 animals inspired by song titles. The musical zoo features such attractions as the Buffalo Soldier, an Elephant Stone and some Hounds of Love. We'd definitely visit and probably try and stroke the Love Cats.

It's available as a 50x70cm open edition print (£20) or you can buy one of four 12" box sets (£30 each), entitled the 70s, the 80s, the Beatles and the Indie Kids. The latter are packaged and presented in a 12" record sleeve.

They're available to buy from Dorothy  - make like a Crocodile (Rock) and snap one up.

Click on the first image to see a full, large version

Rock & Roll Zoo

(Images: Tracey Worrall)