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Brilliant Hand-Painted Superhero Helmets

Brilliant Hand-Painted Superhero Helmets

Brilliant Hand-Painted Superhero Helmets

"Well officer, I was getting ready to pull away from the junction when I glanced in my mirror and saw Boba Fett, Spider-Man and Iron Man weaving in between traffic. It was at that point my vehicle left the road..."

Lifted straight from the pages of pop culture, these hand-painted motorbike helmets are the work of US custom helmet group Air Graffix. Capable of printing just about any design onto your helment, the team at Air Graffix can turn one of these incredible designs around in just two to three weeks. 

As well as providing custom designs, the online store has sections filled with characters from video games, Star Wars, Transformers and even "Skulls". 

With prices starting at approximately £325 for the less detailed designs, we're seriously considering investing a motorbike just to warrant purchasing one. 

(Images: Air Graffix)

[Via: Gizmodo]


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