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Boy calls police So he doesn't have to go to bed

Boy calls police So he doesn't have to go to bed

Boy calls police So he doesn't have to go to bed

If you're able to remember your youth, then you'll probably recall resisting your parents' wishes for you to go to bed at a reasonable hour, even though you wanted to play more SNES.

While we never came up with a solution to this, one boy from Brockton, Massachusetts might have found the answer.

Shortly after 8 p.m on Wednesday, 10-year-old Dan Davis was asked by his mother, Shamayne Rosario, to go to bed but instead of heading into his room he decided to call 911.

Shamayne said: "I told him to go to bed. He doesn't want to go to bed, so he was like ‘I'm gonna call the cops on you.' I said ‘Go ahead!' Y'know? I'm like ‘Go ahead and call the cops on me then!'"

Although he quickly hung up, the call had already connected. However, when anybody dials the emergency number, regardless of what a person says, the police have to follow up the call and confirm it in person.

So, what did the Brockton police do? They went round to his house of course.

Shamayne then asked the officer to talk to her son about the importance of using 911 for emergencies only as it's considered an offence. Luckily for Dan no charges were brought, although he is grounded for the next two weeks.

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