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Bill Murray is opening a Caddyshack-themed Bar in Chicago

He'll probably be serving the drinks himself, won't he?

Bill Murray is opening a Caddyshack-themed Bar in Chicago
22 December 2016

Whatever time of day it is that you start to think about Bill Murray, he’ll be doing a very Bill Murray thing, won’t he? Whether you love him, or don’t love him so much, he’ll still be doing a very Bill Murray thing. And that’s the thing about Bill, he's just doing him - Bill Murray. You know, stealing a stranger’s chips, singing karaoke with doting strangers or doing the dishes at a stranger’s house party in Scotland. Him, Bill Murray, just doing Bill Murray stuff.

And there's been quite a lot of Bill Murray stuff recently. Wes Anderson just confirmed him as a cast-member in his upcoming star-flecked stop-motion film Isle of Dogs, and now The Daily Herald, a Chicago-based newspaper, has reported that he’ll be doing even more Bill Murray stuff. Bill and his five brothers are set to open a Caddyshack-themed bar in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Chicago suburbs. This will be the brothers’ second Caddyshack-themed joint, having opened one in Florida in 2001.

Bill Murray’s very Bill Murray role as Carl Spackler in the 1980 sports comedy is still revered as one of his most iconic, with his brother Brian Doyle-Murray writing it based on the brothers’ collective experiences growing up as golf caddies. There’s a disastrous infestation of gophers at the golf course and Bill Murray’s dimwitted groundskeeper tries to rid them in the most Bill Murray ways possible - shooting them, drowning them and even blowing them up.

Go on, Bill, do more Bill Murray stuff. Loads more. Meanwhile, we’ll be saving money for our trip to Chicago come sometime in 2017.