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5 incredible places you can travel to this bank holiday for less than £200

Don't stay at home this bank holiday

5 incredible places you can travel to this bank holiday for less than £200
28 March 2018

Easter! April! Chocolate! Bunnies! Spring has officially sprung!

Except it hasn’t, has it? It’s miserable, it’s raining, it’s freezing cold and I’ve *still* not retired my winter coat even though it looks and feels exactly like a thermal sleeping bag designed to help people withstand unusually cold temperatures. 

So, instead of wasting this Bank Holiday weekend inside, glumly watching the rain fall outside your window, why not take a last-minute trip away? Here’s our guide to the best places you can get a flight to for under £200.

(All prices correct at time of writing) 

Madrid, Spain

Image: Jacques-Phillipe Gollnick

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is chock full of galleries and good cuisine.

And aside from the regular (and still pretty impressive) architecture, churches and attractions, there are plenty of slightly more unusual things to do, too. One, the Iglesia Patólica, is a parody church, where churchgoers worship a rubber duck – and you can even get married in a sadly non-legally binding ceremony. 

Check out flights, from £186, here

Berlin, Germany

Image: Yaoqi Lai

Full of bars, clubs and restaurants, Berlin is the perfect place for a weekend away.

The unofficial hipster capital of Europe, Berlin has been described by its own mayor as “poor but sexy”, which pretty much sums it up. Rough Guide describe Berlin nightlife as “nonstop”, and also notes its “energetic contemporary arts scene”.

But, away from hedonism, there’s also amazing architecture, history to explore and hundreds of museums to make your way around.

Check out flights, from £162, here

Prague, Czech Republic

Image: Anthony Delanoix

Whether you’re exploring the historic Old Town or just enjoying the beautiful architecture, there’s pretty much something for everyone in Prague. 

Top attractions include Prague Castle, the Jewish Museum and St Vitus Cathedral – and Lonely Planet also says the beer is “the best in Europe” so, y’know, book your flights literally immediately.

Check out flights, from £178, here


(Image: Jace Grandinetti)

Canals! Tulips! Culture! Naughty things! Amsterdam: the perfect weekend getaway? Quite possibly.

From the museums to the hundreds of cool vintage shops, from the *ahem* coffee shops to the super cool architecture and design, Amsterdam is packed full of fun – even for those of us who actually want to remember our weekends.

Check out flights, from £159, here.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has a reputation as one of Europe’s coolest cities – and for good reason. 

Set on a harbour, Stockholm is split into a historic old town complete with cobblestone streets, and more modern quarters full of fashionable coffee shops, homewares stores and second-hand shops. If you go further afield, you can find hiking and walking trails galore. 

Our one (very obvious) disclaimer: it’s cold. Very cold.

Flights, from £175, can be found here.

(Image: Unsplash)