Behold, the Samsung Galaxy tablet


While Apple were the the first big guns to wade into the tablet computer market - in this decade anyway - Samsung have taken their sweet time coming up with their own version - and from the looks of things, it's been worth the wait.

Weighing in at a pawltry 380g, which makes it nearly half as heavy as Apple's incumbent, the Galaxy comes with a crystal clear seven-inch LCD display that can handle films, images and apps with ease.

Under the hood, Samsung have kitted the Galaxy with a Cortex A8 1.0GHz application processor which powers not one, but two cameras fitted on the front and rear of the tablet, allowing users to make video calls over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections - as well as shoot video and take pictures.

Clearly taking note of the gripes levelled at the iPad, Samsung have bundled in Flash so now you can view the same websites as you would on a desktop. They've also added in a USB 3.0 port which transfers data eight times faster than the USB 2.0 (and, ahem, the iPad) connections found in similar devices.

Add-on a 16GB hard-drive and a whole host of clever software features, and this year's Christmas tech war is going to be a lot more interesting than in previous years.

The Samsung Galaxy Tabelt goes on sale November 1


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