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Befriend your future child on Facebook

Clever? Terrifying? Or both?

Befriend your future child on Facebook
Danielle de Wolfe
30 November 2011

Back in the 90s, we quite liked our Tamagotchis. There was only one thing wrong with them. When we forgot to feed them, water them or left them to die, we felt an enormous amount of guilt. Well, this is kind of like that but for the Facebook age.

In their new campaign to make people (and by people we mean men) aware of safe sex, Olla condoms created fake profiles of babies. Each one added a specific person on Facebook claiming to be their child (they did this by tagging 'Jr' on the end of their name).

The aim was to surprise the requestee and give them the shock of an unplanned pregnancy. Then if you accepted the request you'd be linked straight to Olla's website.

And you thought your mum being on Facebook was bad enough.