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Tired of the humdrum? Embrace a new life and join the Royal Navy Reserves


What do you do with your spare time? Watch a few box sets? Head to the gym a couple of nights a week after work? Otherwise, do you sometimes find yourself drifting? Why not aim to do something altogether more life-changing? Such as taking an opportunity to join the Royal Navy Reserves and handing yourself a new challenge.

Joining the Royal Navy Reserves is the ultimate way to make a real difference; to fill something that might be missing from your life. And joining the Royal Navy Reserves doesn’t mean leaving the day job. This loyal, tenacious and committed group train part-time to become Royal Naval Reservists, which means you keep your civilian job and social life.

Obviously, if you want it to be a stepping stone to a full-time job with the Royal Navy and all the adventures that would bring, then it could be. If not, you can have the best of both worlds.

However, challenges simply don’t get much bigger: being part of the Royal Navy Reserves demands passion, drive, enthusiasm and determination.

Being a Royal Naval Reservist means action and adventure, and with that brings tremendous focus.

The role might be part-time, but a high level of commitment is expected of you. As well as being passionate about being a Reservist, you must commit to an aggregate 24 days of service each year spread over evenings, weekends and one fortnight, while maintaining a high fitness level.

What’s more, you’ll be paid for your training: you’ll qualify for a tax-free bonus when you complete each year’s training. This can be from more than £600 in your first year to nearly £1,700 after five years.

Of course, the reasons for joining go beyond monetary motivation. If the daily grind of working life is proving monotonous, being a Reservist means you can visit new places and experience things you wouldn’t in your normal day-to-day life. After all, you’re supporting the Royal Navy in its peacetime, military and humanitarian operations, while representing your country.

If you crave variety, a fresh challenge, the opportunity to travel and get to the top, perhaps the Royal Navy Reserves are for you.

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