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Battlefield Bad Company goes to 'Nam

We take a look at the franchise's latest blockbuster

Battlefield Bad Company goes to 'Nam

War – what is it good for? Well, there’s the Oscar winning films. And then, of course, there are the video games that immerse us in trenches without so much as a muddy knee.

One of these digital giants is the expansion pack Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, the frag-fest multiplayer experience of the year. And because it's out today we thought we'd show you some exclusive snaps.

Find yourself in an entirely new theatre of war, fighting as either the U.S. Marines or the North Vietnamese Army. With five all-new maps, updated weapons and vehicles (tank and flamethrower, anyone?) and 60's hippie tunes to add to the jamming atmosphere, there’s no reason you shouldn’t bring this fury to your living room.

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