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B-movie classic 'Critters' is going to be a very violent TV show

This looks bloody, silly and bloody silly

B-movie classic 'Critters' is going to be a very violent TV show
01 March 2019

1986’s Critters is a certain kind of classic, one of those films that, while it is by no means a masterpiece and would be unlikely to hold the number one spot on anyone’s top ten, is thought of very fondly by a lot of people. It’s one of those films that seems to be a whole generation’s first 18, one of those ones that everyone ended up borrowing on VHS from their friend’s brother’s friend’s brother and watching three times in a row at a sleepover.

The film, and its three sequels, centres on a race of all-devouring aliens called Krites who are being pursued by alien bounty hunters. A young Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the third one. The fourth and final entry in the series came out in 1992.

But it’s back, in TV form. March 21st will see Critters: A New Binge debut on Shudder. Here’s the very silly, very violent trailer.

That’s fun! Shudder is one of those things that you’re never quite sure if you have or not – odds are you don’t. It’s like an entirely-horror version of Netflix, works on most devices and costs just £3.99 a month with an annual plan. Give it a go!

(Pic: New Line Cinema)