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15 incredibly awkward Xmas photos

Screw you camera

15 incredibly awkward Xmas photos

When you were a kid, everything about Christmas was monumentally awesome. Presents, chocolates, snow, time out of school: all unfathomably exciting. But every now and then your cruel relatives would insist on bringing out a dreaded camera and, quite simply, ruin everything by taking plenty of awkward photos.

Pre-digital camera, pre-internet, pre-tagging; you'd have been safe in assuming they'd stay hidden in a musty basement next to a box of VHS tapes. Not so simple. The Awkward Family Photos book serves as a constant reminder that the past can be made present quite easily and no one is safe (especially if you happened to go through a pudgy phase and/or suffered from haircut hackery).


Danny's decision to eat every single chocolate in the advent calendar at once was coming back to haunt him.


Watch out family, Dad looks like he hears voices.


Little Cindy knew they'd forget to wear their matching costumes.


See, get it? We'll all look like a tree. Now stay still until New Year's.


Hank loved the breeze.