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The 'Avengers' cast didn’t know their character died until they filmed the actual scenes

It was as much a surprise to them as it was to us

The 'Avengers' cast didn’t know their character died until they filmed the actual scenes
17 August 2018

Spoilers? They’re here, baby, and you can take this as a warning, but just know that in this very sentence we’re going to reveal that A LOAD OF SUPERHEROES DIE AT THE END OF AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. The entire universe knows this by now - in the internet age, if you want to avoid spoilers, you gotsta watch the movie the very second it comes out otherwise it’ll be ruined in an instant by the nearest loudmouth, heavy-handed oik. 

Spider-Man bloody dies at the end of Inifnity War. So does Black Panther. Spoiler spoiler spoiler. Now you know.

But on the subject of “knowing things”, did you “know” that the cast didn’t “know” who died at the end of the film, until the very day they shot the scenes? 

Well, they didn’t - everything was kept so secretive and under-wraps (to avoid those spoilers we mentioned before), that most of the 6000-strong cast didn’t have a foggy what would happen at the end of the flick.

We know this because it’s been revealed on the special features of the Blu-Ray release - Infinity War executive producer Trinh Tran describes how it went down:

“The blip-out sequence, we had gathered the whole entire talent there, circled around our directors, and basically revealed to them that morning of, when they came on set, that that scene was happening, that some of them were going to be, you know, disappearing.”

Poor lot, suddenly being told you’ve gotta do a disintegrate. Of course, now that the fourth Avengers film has been filmed, they all know their final fates (and whether they’ve come back to life) so the shock will have simmered down a tad by now.

Still, bunch of sneaky old little bizzers, the Marvel lot, aren’t they? Woo!

(Image: Disney)