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Asics new trainers can change colour

Move over light-up trainers, you've got a new rival

Asics new trainers can change colour
07 September 2016

When you were younger there was nothing more exciting than a pair of light-up trainers, which you were adamant made you run faster. But now you're older of course they're not so easy to get away with.

Still, there could be an alternative for you to get your novelty kicks from: Asics new colour changing Chameloid trainers.

The Japanese footwear brand's new shoes change colour depending which angle you look at them, meaning that when you're next on a night out and want to attract the attention of the person you've been eyeing up all night, you can just shuffle your feet and draw them in like a peacock flashing their feathers. Chicks dig that.

The trainers also boast a gel cushioned midsole, neoprene sockliner and breathable mesh upper, meaning that they're not just utterly cool, they're also comfortable too.

You can change colours now over at Hanon