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Antique Sex Manual To Be Auctioned

Antique Sex Manual To Be Auctioned

Antique Sex Manual To Be Auctioned

We know why you clicked this link. It's because you're incredibly interested in antique literature, right? If that's the case (and we're pretty sure it is) then you've come to the right place.

The sex manual from 1760 entitled Aristotle's Compleat Master-Piece, is set to be auctioned at Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh, Scotland on January 9th and is likely to fetch around £400.

Although the book was attributed to Aristotle, it is unlikely that he wrote the book. The tome, whose authorship is unknown, first appeared around 1680 and was banned from sale in the UK until the 1960s.

Talking to the Telegraph, Cathy Marsden, a book specialist at the auctioneers, said: '"We don't really know why it was attributed to Aristotle but one possibility is that they were just trying to make it sound better or more worthy than it might have been.''

"It was very popular. It was probably the most printed text of its kind and it went through a lot of editions. It's fascinating reading. It tells an amazing story about the changing perspectives on sex."

''There's nothing in it that would really be considered dirty in our society now. It's funny more than anything. 'There are various things which warn parents about what could happen to their children if they sinned whilst conceiving them, perhaps by having sex outside marriage. It would say that your baby would be born all hairy (picture 2) or it would suggest that Siamese twins were the result of the parents' sins."

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