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An exclusive interview with the flat-earther who 'disproved gravity'

"I caught the moon speeding up"

An exclusive interview with the flat-earther who 'disproved gravity'

Last weekend, David Marsh proved that gravity doesn’t exist. At Britain’s first Flat Earth Convention – held between 27 to 29 April in Birmingham – Marsh was one of nine speakers who presented their findings to 200 flat earthers. 

The 45-year-old claimed that his research “destroys big bang cosmology” and “supports the idea that gravity doesn’t exist.” 

We called him up for clarification.

Hi David, when did you first become a flat earther?

I think it was round about November 2015 and like a lot of people late at night, I’d just been researching, looking at different things – mainly, I was looking at the moon landings. As I was looking deeper and deeper into the moon landings, I noticed a lot of recommended videos popping up related to flat earth.

I clicked on one, I think it was Eric Dubay’s “200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball”, and after about the ninth proof, I was basically convinced, because the truth is undeniable.

If you’d already seen 200 proofs and been convinced by Flat Earth theory, what inspired you to start doing your own research?

I got the opportunity to go to Skegness and I was looking across the beach and I could see the Norfolk coastline to the very tip. I asked a taxi driver about it and he told me the coastal town of Cromer was right on the tip at the very end, so I looked at how many miles it actually was from Skegness, and it was about 39 miles away…

When I put it into the actual calculator, which calculates how much curvature there should be between Skegness and Cromer, it shouldn’t have been visible at all, and yet it was clearly visible.

When I refer to flat earth, I’m not talking about a pizza floating in outer space, I’m referring to there being no measurable curvature over large bodies of water.

What about the research you presented at the conference?

What I did, I started measuring the speed of the moon by setting up a camera in my back garden, and I used a compass app…

I found out when the moon was over the Tropic of Cancer, over the equator, and over the Tropic of Capricorn, and I recorded the moon on these nights and I basically recorded the actual speed of the moon.

If you look into Kepler’s law of planetary motion, the moon is supposed to travel around the earth in an elliptical orbit. [What should happen] is it will spend the first half of its cycle speeding up towards perigee [the point of orbit closest to earth] and the second half of its cycle slowing down towards apogee [the point farthest from earth].

I caught the moon speeding up as it was going to perigee and from perigee. It should’ve actually been speeding up one way and slowing down another.

Excuse my ignorance, but what does this have to do with gravity?

When I recorded the moon, I recorded it over a year and I pumped all of the numbers into a graph and the actual graph, it came out and it looked like a heartbeat… it looked like an ECG reading.

Everything around you is electric, we have electrical storms, everything to do with the sky is electric. If you compare gravity versus electromagnetism, gravity has never been able to be measured, all they’ve done is create a theory to support the globe model, whereas electromagnetism can actually be seen.

I wouldn’t say I’ve disproven [gravity], but what I’ve proved is that electromagnetism is the only true force in nature.

When you look into flat earth, the majority of research leads to electromagnetism.

But what about when I drop stuff? 

The reason why objects fall is not because gravity is pulling it to the centre of mass, it’s simply because the object is more dense than the air around it. If you get a helium balloon and let it go, what happens? It goes up. 

So why doesn’t everyone know this? Is someone hiding the truth?

I think it’s a control system, basically, the globe is a control system.

What they do with the Big Bang you see, when you believe that you come from the Big Bang and you come from nothing… what it does is it makes you as a person, as a species, feel insignificant because you’ve come from nothing and you’re a speck of sand in the vast universe.

You’ve got [places] in the arctic and Antarctica where you’re not allowed to travel to. I know people say you can get expeditions there but you only go to seventy degrees probably… take a few pictures with a couple of penguins and then off you go again, they never let you go to 90 degrees south or 90 degrees north because you’re not allowed.

Right. But what would you say to people who are still sceptical?

Do your own research and don’t believe what you’re told, because when you do start looking deep inside it, you see that we’re being lied to.

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