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Amazing Hellboy Exhibition

Amazing Hellboy Exhibition

Amazing Hellboy Exhibition

Hellboy isn't the oldest comic book character, he isn't the strongest or best equipped and he certainly doesn't carry any of the glamour of the lycra-clad brigade - which means he's not weighed down by a 'tradition', there's a chance he could lose and he doesn't have to be the hero.

The impossibly cool credentials of the anti-hero from hell have been furthered by Hero Complex Gallery's official Hellboy art show. Curated by illustrator extraordinaire Chogrin, over 100 artists will be exhibiting their hellish work at the Los Angeles-based gallery from 2 May.

We've picked some of our favourites from the show, all of which will be on sale from 3 May.

(Images: Hero Complex Gallery)

Eric Lacombe

Eugene Kaik

Drew Wise

Ale Giorgini

Augie Pagan

Christine Larsen

Drew Falchetta

Isabel Samaras

Jim Pavelec

Patrick Awa

John Alsarona

Adolfo Torino Nunez

Jonathan Marks

Juan Carlos Ruiz

Nate Van Dyke

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