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Alternative E.T. posters

His adventure on Earth. In poster form.

Alternative E.T. posters

Despite what Richard Dando might tell you, we categorically did not cry when we first watched E.T., ok? Well, we did, but we weren’t crying because of the moving, ever-so moving, moments on screen. No. We had a really bad stomach ache. Got that? Good.

A few years older, and with tougher constitutions, we can now watch Steven Spielberg’s touching weepie fest without resorting to surreptitious trips to the bathroom to dry our eyes. But our love for the bug-eyed alien has not diminished.

So we were particularly pleased to see that E.T., Elliot and Gertie were now subject to the ever popular alternative poster treatment.

Now, pass us a hankie. It’s a cold, goddamit.

Do let us know what your favourite poster is at the bottom. We've numbered them, one to seven, below so just pick the one that gets your artistic juices flowing.








(Images: Harshness, Claudia Varosio, Dan Norris, Dean Walton, Ross Maute, Mat Bond/Beatific Design and Ryan Berger)