Right-wing commentator gets beautifully schooled by historian over Roman diversity

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Emily Reynolds

If you don’t spend all your waking hours on the internet, you may be lucky enough to not know who Paul Joseph Watson is. He’s a YouTuber – an alt right one, which we all know is the second worst kind of YouTuber, after people who record 29 minute long videos of their Primark “hauls” – who also describes himself as a “Conservative Contrarian”. He probably thinks this description makes him sound edgy and cool. He’s not. He sits in front of a map all day in his mum’s house recording Islamophobic videos. His fans think simply tweeting the word “triggered!!!!!” at people is enough to win an argument. He retweets Nigel Farage

And now he’s made himself look even more stupid, somehow, with this tweet:

“Thank God the BBC is portraying Roman Britain as ethnically diverse,” he said. “I mean, who cares about historical accuracy, right?”. It’s obviously meant to be some kind of “gotcha, lefties!!!!” tweet.’s….wrong?

Enter historian Mike Stuchbery. 

And TV historian Mary Beard also got involved to refute PJW’s tweet.

You’d have thought, by this point, that our old pal Prison Planet would have given up, having been so comprehensively parred off. He didn’t, though: as of writing, he’s still sat around claiming he has not been owned.

Give it up, mate. 


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