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Let's all watch Alan Partridge's reenactment of Roger Moore's 'The Spy Who Loved Me' to cheer us up

"Stop getting Bond wrong!"

Let's all watch Alan Partridge's reenactment of Roger Moore's 'The Spy Who Loved Me' to cheer us up
23 May 2017

If there’s one man who’ll be more upset than anyone about the passing of Sir Roger Moore, it’s Alan Partridge.

A true superfan of the legendary actor, he was booked to appear on the very first TV episode of Knowing Me, Knowing You, but Sir Roger never made it in time, despite getting to Chiswick Roundabout. An attempted phone interview didn’t quite go as planned.

But Alan never held it against him, and demonstrated the depth of his knowledge and love for the man during a famous segment of the fourth episode of the second series of I’m Alan Partridge – ‘Never Say Alan Again’ – when, after it transpired that his video of 1977 classic The Spy Who Loved Me had been taped over with America’s Strongest Man, he decided to act out the opening sequence.

It remains magnificent.

And just how accurate was it? Very.

For the record, Sir Roger finally answered the question he would have been asked by Partridge on his chat show – ‘Who would win in a fight between James Bond and Simon Templar?’ – in 2014.

The answer?

"I think Bond would win because Bond is allowed to use things other than fisticuffs and wasn't as straightforward as Templar.

"The Saint was made for almost every country round the world, there were various censorships in various countries where it was sold and they disapproved of such things and Simon Templar really became a big Boy Scout.

"So, Simon Templar would fight fairly and end up with a nasty kick in the nuts."

So there you have it.

Oh, and one more great Partridge anecdote before we go – Roger Moore’s dad thought the interview on Knowing Me, Knowing You was real, and told his son off for not turning up.